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Yr 10 Humanities

One Minute History

President Truman and the atomic bomb


Primary sources

Geneva Convention - Treatment of Prisoners of War


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Ergo State Library of Victoria

Reliable Websites

1. Australian Government, Department of Veteran's Affairs: Anzac Portal: Kokoda Track

2. Anzac Day Commemoration Committee: The Cowra Breakout

3. National Archives: Brief Overview of the World War II Enemy Alien Control Program

4. National Archives of Australia: Wartime internment camps in Australia

5. Imperial War Museums: What Life Was Like For POWs In Europe During The Second World War

6. Australian War Memorial: Weary Dunlop

7. Anzac Portal: Weary Dunlop

Reliable Websites: Sandakan

1. Australian War Memorial: Sandakan

2. Australian Government, Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Sandakan

3. Australian War Memorial: Prisoners of the Japanese: Civilian internees, Pacific and South-East Asia

Kokoda : The Spirit Lives

Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel

Cowra Breakout remembered






Outbreak of memories by Mike Scanlon access through ELibrary Database.

Junko Morimoto: Remembering Hiroshima


Suggested search terms: "Geneva Convention" (Treatment of prisoners of war), "Edward Dunlop"

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