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Yr 10 Humanities

Year 10: History


Primary sources

Ergo State Library of Victoria

Geneva Convention - Treatment of Prisoners of War

Australia Remembers: The Pacific

Title: Australia Remembers: The Pacific

Director: The Australian War Memorial in collaboration with Channel 7

Duration: 40mins

This documentary looks at the military relatives of famous Australians who served in the Pacific War. An engaging connection between history and modern Australia. 

Further curated videos: here

The Pacific War: In Colour

Title: The Pacific War: In Colour

Director: Rene-Jean Bouyer

Duration: 40mins

A colourised look at the Pacific War. This documentary brings the war to life and shows the sacrifice and devastation that faced the allied forces in the Pacific theatre. 



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Cowra Breakout remembered






Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel

Vivian Bullwinkel the sole surviving nurse of the Banka Island Massacre. A truly courageous servicewoman and nurse. Click the image to read about her story from the Australian War Memorial. 


Suggested search terms: Geneva Convention (Treatment of prisoners of war), Edward Dunlop

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