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[Portrait of Stella Miles Franklin, Rozelle Studios, Goulburn, 1901]

Miles Franklin is a central figure in Australia’s literary landscape. Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin was born on 14 October 1879 at Old Talbingo Homestead, near Tumut, New South Wales, the home of her maternal grandmother, Sarah Lampe. One of the greatest Australian writers of the twentieth century, ‘Miles’ commemorated Edward Miles, an illiterate ancestor who had arrived in Sydney as a convict in 1788.

Information and photograph sourced from the State Library of NSW


“I am afflicted with the power of thought, which is a heavy curse. The less a person thinks and inquires regarding the why and the wherefore and the justice of things, when dragging along through life, the happier it is for him, and doubly, trebly so, for her.”
― Miles Franklin, My Brilliant Career


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