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Exploring the ideas of protest in relation to VCE English

Non Violent Protests

Mahatma Gandhi

How Mahatma Gandhi changed political protest National Geographic 2019


The OG Leader of Nonviolence: Mahatma Gandhi University of Wisconsin-Madison 2021

Tank Man - Tiananmen Square China

Freedom Ride 1965 Australia

1965 Freedom Ride AIATSIS

In 1965, a group of students from the University of Sydney drew national and international attention to the appalling living conditions of Aboriginal people and the racism that was rife in New South Wales country towns. Known as the Freedom Ride, this 15-day bus journey through regional New South Wales would become a defining moment in Australian activism.


Students lead 'Freedom Ride' through NSW towns Deadly Story

Martin Luther King Jr

Nonviolence The Martin Luther King Jr Research and Education Institute, Stanford University


 Dr King's fundamental philosophy of nonviolence The King Center

Protest music


Artist Photoshops Men Out of Political Images

Women's Right to vote - Australia


Title: Australian Women in Politics

Broadcaster: ABC

Duration: 4:00 minutes

eLibrary - Women's Rights

Feminism in Australia

Women's suffrage - Australian suffragette history including audio files and images

'Reflections on women’s rights – past, present and future’ Australian Human Rights Commission speech given by Rosalind Croucher January 2023

Timeline: the women's movement - Australia ABC News

Women’s Suffrage, South Australia National Museum Australia

The Women's Movement Museum Victoria

Feminism Internationally

Emmeline Pankhurst Freedom or Death speech November 13 1913

Who were the suffragettes? Museum of London

Votes for women Museum of London Select an individual to read her story or read about the hunger strikes or explore items in this virtual exhibition.

Suffragettes on file The National Archives UK Select primary documents to explore window smashing, hunger strikes and forcible feeding and other aspects of the women's fight for rights.

History Today - Suffragettes articles


Suggested search terms :

Mahatma Gandhi     Occupy Wall Street       Hong Kong

Civil Disobedience   Tiananmen Square        Tank Man

Digital activism         Black Lives Matter

National Gallery of Victoria - Activism and Protest

ACTIVISM AND PROTEST Current display at the National Gallery of Victoria

Protests - 3 generations


Stuart family - 3 generations prepared to stand up and protest.

Newcastle, NSW and Franklin River, TAS


Alan Stuart (97 old arrested) Grandfather


Video link

SBS report ​​


Graeme Stuart 1982 Son

Protest against the damming of the Franklin River


Alexa Stuart Grandaughter

15 years 


19 years arrested


Selection of articles from The Age

Network (movie excerpt) 1976